Application Form

In an effort to make Hands Across Rockdale a successful day of service for our community, we will need the help of our Community Worksite Managers (that’s you!). By submitting a Community Worksite application for Hands Across Rockdale, a member of your organization must assume responsibility as a Community Worksite Manager (CWM).
• Must be physically present at the worksite to provide leadership on April 30, 2016.
• Must provide contact information for volunteers seeking to work on your project. Your project will be listed online with your contact information. Interested volunteers will contact you directly to be placed at your worksite. When your worksite reaches the maximum number of volunteers, let HAR know and it will be marked as “full” on the HAR website. HAR will NOT have a designated volunteer coordinator. Your project will be listed on our website and volunteers will sign up for a project according to their own interests and skill sets.

NOTE: It is the preference of the HAR committee that all projects must: (1) be performed during the 4-hour timeframe; (2) be associated with an organization (non-profit, school, or park); (3) have all the necessary authorizations from the property owner if located on private property.
NOTE: If your worksite is approved to participate, please be aware that your organization will be responsible for all volunteers and activities at your worksite. You and your organization will be asked to sign a “Waiver and Release” form. We would recommend that you obtain waivers from each volunteer at your worksite.
NOTE: HAR committee will NOT be providing supplies. The organizations submitting requests are responsible for providing their own supplies. There may be an opportunity for a group or club to sponsor your project. If you would like to list the needed supplies below, potential donors and volunteers could agree to provide the supplies to your worksite.
Please list ALL needed supplies (HAR does not guarantee that your supplies will be provided by donors or volunteers as each applicant will be responsible for securing their supplies for the requested project).